We all know that there are those restaurants out there that are our favorites but never seem to get the recognition they deserve... right? I mean it could be your favorite diner, fast food place, upscale restaurant, whatever it is, I believe it is time to bring some light to these places!

As you all know I am a huge foodie! Like I travel far to find some of the best restaurants around ( I mean I did drive 2 hours for mac & cheese). Although I like my foodie road trips, I realized that there are actually some pretty great local restaurants in the Cedar Valley that have become my favorite and really don't get the recognition that they deserve. From pizza to bar food to salads (yes, I eat those sometimes) the Cedar Valley has it all and I can't get enough of it (which is probably why I am broke all the time).

So I have decided to put a list together of 5 places in the Cedar Valley that I believe don't get enough credit and should actually be on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." Yes, I really do believe the food at these places are that good! Plus if you are like me and suck at cooking, these places could become your next go-to restaurants. Give them a try!

All of these choices are solely based on my likes and preferences of what I have tried in the Cedar Valley. Let me know what your favorites are that should end up on the show as well!

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