Nowadays you can find hand sanitizer at every entrance or door to a public place, every restroom, every woman's purse, in every car... basically everywhere. That's because hand sanitizer is the efficient way to keep your hands clean on the go especially during times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although you are using your hand sanitizer religiously to keep the germs away, you may be doing a few things wrong that don't actually help get rid of germs and prevent coronavirus. So, here are 3 mistakes to avoid when using hand sanitizer:

1. Don't just pump and go. Many people will get out their hand sanitizer and do a quick pump of it and wipe quickly to move onto the next thing. This does not get rid of germs well. Many of us are not using the proper amount or are afraid of using too much. There is no such thing as too much. Make sure to get enough on your hands to cover both completely and take 20 to 30 seconds to rub it all over your hands.

2. You don't wait for it to dry. Unbeknownst to many,if you don't wait for the hand sanitizer to dry on your hands or rub it in all the way you could end up wiping it on something else instead of keeping it on your skin which won't help prevent germs.

3. Replacing hand sanitizer for washing hands. If you have messy hands and choose to use sanitizer instead of soap and water to clean your hands you are not thoroughly cleaning and protecting yourself from germs. Hand sanitizer is not meant to be a replacement for thoroughly washing your hands. The better option is to always was your hands when given the chance.

Find out more tips and tricks for using hand sanitizer here.


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