Unfortunately, COVID-19 won't totally evaporate this winter, though there's lots of hope it's not long for 'pandemic' status with a vaccine on its way. That said, many Iowans will continue to carry hand sanitizer well after the pandemic is officially over. And, many probably did prior to COVID since it's always smart to keep those hands clean. However, I do have a winter warning when it comes to the germ killin' stuff.

Throw it out if it freezes! If you come out to your car on a cold, dreary winter morning and it's a bottle of ice, it means it's worthless. According to a report, since almost all hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, they should not freeze. That is unless our Iowa temps gets ungodly low. Like, negative 50 degrees... Not saying that can't happen, but it likely won't. Experts don't caution against leaving a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car all winter, cold temps won't hurt good quality sanitizers and it's always smart to have one handy, as we discussed. Heh, handy... hand sanitizer. Ok, I'm done.

So far, so good with regards to temps... but no doubt colder weather is lurking. And hopefully your hand sanitizer has a high enough alcohol content to stay unfrozen and keep killing those germs!

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