People in South Carolina are upset. Here's why.

Back in October 2018, the buzz across the county was lottery fever. Both the Powerball and Mega Million jackpots were staggering.

The Mega Million jackpot topped out at it's highest ever at $1.5 billion. A winning ticket was eventually confirmed in South Carolina. As of the middle of February 2019, the winner still has not come forward.

This isn't an unwise decision by any means. The winner might just want to let the excitement die down so they aren't bombarded with people asking for a hand-out (or worse.) The lottery used to give winners a full year before they had to come forward with their winning ticket but that has been shortened. The South Carolina resident has until April 19th to produce the winning ticket.

Residents of South Carolina are looking for the state income tax of 61 million dollars to be put into the state funding. Lawmakers in South Carolina already have plans for the 61 million dollar bonus that is eventually coming saying they will use to the funds for improved voting booths and to pay police officer salaries.