One woman in Evansdale is allegedly at the center of a lottery fraud case.

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In early November, Sandra Jean Crow claimed her big lottery prize at the Iowa Lottery’s regional office in Cedar Rapids. She told lottery officials that she had a winning Candy Cane Crossword scratch ticket. Crow left the office with an extra $30,000 in her pocket.

Just three months later, there are some signs of foul play regarding this prize.

According to a report, in mid December Evansdale police were called to the home of Crow and her roommate, Alvin Hans Larsen III. Upon arrival at the scene, officials witnessed an argument between the two where Larsen claimed that HE actually purchased the winning ticket.

He was worried that officials might take out a portion of his winnings to pay off his debts to the city. Larsen apparently owes $919 to the city of Evansdale.

So, they seemed to initially agree that she would go and claim it and both would get a cut of the $21,300 Crow ended up taking home. She is claiming that it was a gift from Larsen.

Larsen is claiming that she has control of the money and won't give him his cut.

Both of these individuals have been charged with lottery fraud for this particular incident.

This is still a developing story. We'll make sure to keep you updated as more details come out. Stay up to date with all of the local happenings by downloading the station app. Also, do not miss any news, so make sure to be following the station across all social media platforms.

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