You have probably been hearing people say they are "Zooming" recently. With their friends, their families and even their co-workers, but what does this "zooming" even mean? And why is it the hot new thing?

As social distancing and quarantines have become the new norm, so have video calls to stay connected with loved ones and work. That is where Zoom comes in. Zoom is a remote conferencing service out of California that allows people to video call, have conference meetings for multiple people, chat and even collaborate on media projects. It is the hottest way for people to stay connected virtually with multiple features that goes beyond just video conferencing.

There are multiple plans that one can sign up for. Everyone can start a free account but there are limitations such as calls can only last 40 minutes a meetings and can host up to 100 participants. If you need more time on calls or are a bigger company that needs more accounts of course there is an added cost to upgrade but not too pricey. It's become the top virtual conference service for health care workers, government, financial businesses and education during this pandemic.

You can find more information on pricing and how to sign up for a Zoom account by going to:

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