Some sad news for a popular downtown Cedar Falls family run restaurant.

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The team behind the Thai spot Yummy Kook Kook announced this disappointing news on their Facebook page on Monday, July 3rd. Located at 111 W. 2nd Street in Cedar Falls, this staple of the downtown food scene will be "closing until further notice."

According to restaurant staff, this is due to them being extremely understaffed.

One of the women who runs Yummy Kook Kook, Wanida’s, "health is visibly deteriorating, and it’s just the two of us running TWO businesses."

The other business this family runs is Tata Yaya, another eatery that's more of a breakfast nook which is located on Main Street. From the looks of things, this spot will not be closing down anytime soon.


However, if you are still craving some Thai food from Yummy Kook Kook, then you are still in luck! The mother-daughter duo who run the shop confirmed that they'll be providing customers with the option to order to-go meals.

You'll be able to order your food to-go 24 hours ahead of time from when you would like to pick it up.

Where will I be able to pick it up since they'll be closed?

Well, you will be able to pick up your food order at their other business Tata Yaya. These orders will be limited and only offered Tuesdays-Fridays via DMS on Facebook and Instagram.

"We are very saddened by this news and we want to be as accommodating as possible. We are really sorry that we have to do this again. We hope to find help soon so we can reopen. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for the patience, understanding, and support. We wouldn’t be here without you. THANK YOU." ~ Yummy Kook Kook via Facebook

Back in September of 2021, the eatery which was originally called Ginger Thai Cuisine closed their doors. Luckily, the restaurant reopened in January of 2022 under the new name Yummy Kook Kook. 

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