There is no sign of intelligent life here...Or is there??

That may not be the question of the hour, but it's definitely the question I keep asking myself, especially with the recent news from the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency released all of their records on UFOs in early January, or so they claim...

This got me thinking about whether or not Iowa is a big state for alien or UFO encounters, and apparently they are. There were three reported sightings of unidentified flying objects on January 19th alone, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. These three cases had nothing to do with each other, and the reports from witnesses lead me to believe that these instances are entirely unrelated.

One of the reports came from a witness in North Liberty. According to this individual they saw, "Bright blue light under the cloud line going in an upward diagonal line until disappearing into the clouds."

These are only eye witness accounts, but the CIA is releasing "everything" they have in regard to UFO sightings throughout the world, including some instances in Iowa.

The documents are made available through the website the Black Vault founded by John Greenewald Jr. years ago. He actually bought a CD-ROM with all of the information and documents on it. This includes nearly three thousand pages of now declassified documents detailing strange happenings all across the world. He already had a large catalogue of information on strange happenings from Freedom of Information Act requests that he has made over the years.

His website details hundreds of cases of governmental programs that have to do with the paranormal, UFOs, and even alien abductions.

At first glance the documents and cases seem to date back to the 1950s aka when the United States government really got interested in seeing if we had any neighbors out there.

These documents are still being categorized and labeled for easier navigation, but there currently are several Iowa case documents on the site. There is a case of a "white fibrous" material falling from the sky and landing right in Shenandoah, Iowa back in the 80s. This substance was floating down in a strange spiral pattern, and getting caught in almost anything and everything in the area. Most of this was caught in trees and telephone wires.

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