Do you want your Halloween costume to look completely on point this year? I am talking so believable that you get double takes and are are put on a pedestal for the best costume of the year? Well why not take some tips from the masters of disguise and secrets... the CIA.

That's right, the CIA has decided to share a few secrets with us on what makes a disguise believable.

1. Start with the basics: Change you hair, height, clothing or age because these are the first things that people notice. Your appearance matters and just adding a ball cap and sunglasses can make all the difference.

2. Simple is better: Don't go over the top because then it will look face. Adding simple elements will look more natural.

3. Dual-purpose: When buying clothing or props for your next disguise, try reversible items that you can use in a variety of ways.

4. Space savers:  Items that are easily hidden or packed away are very useful for a disguise.

5. Watch out for your "tells"- We all have them.. whether it's biting your nails, your accent or being clumsy be aware of your tells to be more believable.


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