I've known this for decades, but yesterday I was reminded that I can not sing. In embarrassing fashion, I might add.

I know that there isn't a bucket big enough for me to carry a tune, but that hasn't stopped me from singing. It's one of the tricks I've developed to keep me awake while driving home from some of my dirt track racing adventures.

I travel all across the state working at different dirt tracks in the Hawkeye state, so there are some nights when it's 2:00 AM, and I still have an hour to go before I arrive back at the Doren Manse Sports Bar & Grill. Singing is one of few things I do to help me stay awake. It has become something I just do when I'm get tired, and I don't always realize that I am even doing it.

Last night I was driving home from a Waterloo Dek Hockey game. I haven't had a lot of sleep lately, and I must have been tired, because I caught myself singing along with the radio. I was looking out the driver-side window, and the line that I realized I was singing was, "Oh baby, Gimme some of that." Or something like like.

That's when I turned my head and looked through my passenger window, which was also down. As luck would have it, so was the window of the vehicle that had joined me at the red light. The lady looked slight shocked and offended.

I flashed an uncomfortable smile, and I said, "Sorry, just singing."

Her reply, "Sorry, keep practicing." Then she drove off.

"You bet. Have a great night."


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