I just read a story about a company in Wisconsin implanting microchips into the hands of their employees. Would you be willing to do that for your paycheck? Regardless of your answer, I bet it's going to happen whether we like it or not.

A story in the Washington Times talked how a company called Three Square Market is microchipping some of its employees (read more). 50 employees will have a chip the size of a piece of rice implanted between the their thumb and index finger. The company claims they are the first to offer this to employees.

This was a voluntary offering by Three Square Market. The chip will help open doors, log in to computers, and even paying for food in the break room. They also stated that it does NOT have GPS tracking technology on it.

Honestly, I love new technology... when it's something I can put down and walk away from it. I'm not sure I comfortable with this. I'm a conspiracy theorist when it comes to privacy, so you can imagine what my radar looks like when I think about this. "Danger, Will Robinson!!!"

As much as I will fight to avoid this embedded technology, I bet it won't be long before this will be the new thing. This alien rice-sized chip will be how we pay for things, sign it at the DMV, or even how the doctor's office will know our medical history. We may have no choice butt to unwilling join the microchipped era.

Oh and the whole "there's nor GPS tracking" with the chip thing. That's not unsettling to me by any means. How many of use really believe that 'Big Bother' isn't already learning more about us then we want to share via our mobile phones, computer habits, traffic cameras, and so on and so forth?

If this does come to reality, I wonder if the chip will be able to sense any gestures I make with my hand to display my displeasure with the whole deal.

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