This is an incredible story of being reunited with what you love most.

Three years ago, Monica Mathis lost her dog Hazel while living in Iowa. Monica had no leads on where Hazel was and unfortunately tthought Hazel was lost for good. That is until three years later when Monica saw a picture of Hazel on a beer can.

If you are confused at this point let me explain. Motorworks Brewing company in Bradenton, Florida became a part of a campaign to help get dogs from the Manatee County Animal Services adopted. What they did was they put photos of adoptable dogs from local shelters on their 4 packs of beer so that when people buy the beer they will see these ads to adopt.

You see, this became a huge story that when Monica (who now lives in Minnesota) was scrolling through social media recently she came across and article about this campaign. In this article, there were many beer cans on display of the different adoptable dogs including one picture that looked exactly like Monica's dog Hazel. The adoption was calling the dog Day Day but this dog looked so much like Hazel that Monica called the shelter and asked them to run the microchip and found out that this was her dog Hazel! Apparently when they ran the microchip before Monica's last name and phone number were missing so they couldn't contact her.


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