It's the weekend. I'm sure a lot of us will enjoy some... spirits. Whatever activity you have, the most important thing to plan for is a safe way home. That's first and foremost. Next, once your home safe, make sure you have the ability to walk into your bedroom, and eventually get into bed. It almost wasn't that easy for a drunk Eagle Grove, Iowa woman. She was in her bedroom when she started to stumble around just inches from her bed. Luckily, he golden retriever (who maybe is use to seeing her wasted?) was hanging out right there and had his safety hat on. He got up on his hind legs, put his paws on her body, and helped her plop safely on her bed. Check it out:


The woman's name, according to the write-up on the YouTube vid you just saw, is Hannah Quintus. According to Caters Clips, the dogs name is Jax and she's had him since he was just weeks old. I'd say he's become quite the protective partner!

Cheers Jax! Good boy.

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