Sometimes dogs get out. They run away and scare the bejesus out of their owners, but they usually will come home. One Iowa dog made a run for freedom five months ago, and its owners were sure they'd lost their beloved pet for good.

Molly went to her groomer for a trim back on June 15th. KCCI reports that Rose Shoemaker of Spitfire Farms in Alita, Iowa left a door in her business open for fresh air. Molly used her opening to dash out. She told KCCI that it was the "worst nightmare of any dog groomer." So the search began for Molly the golden retriever. Her owners, Randy and Cynthia Ruth told officials that while Molly didn't have her collar on, she was microchipped.

According to KCCI, Molly was spotted several times by the public since her disappearance in June. But no one was able to follow her or catch her. That is until this past Sunday in an Iowa farm field. A farmer who was combining came face to face with Molly in one of his fields. He told KCCI that she stood up in the field and he actually nudged her with the combine head. Molly's owners were notified. Their dog had been found alive.

KCCI reports that Molly is back at home with the Ruth family. Despite being gone for nearly 5 months and losing nearly 40 pounds in the process, all signs point to a full recovery. Molly's groomer told KCCI that the dog being found was the highlight of her year. The Ruths have also come out and stated they have no hard feelings towards the groomer. Molly is safe at home, and that is all that matters.

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