Never believe everything you read on the internet...unless there's some interesting stats that prove otherwise.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I found a map that showed the highest grossing artist that hailed from each state.

Some of these states were pretty obvious.

Minnesota claimed Prince and Pennsylvania claimed Taylor Swift.

What about the rest of the Midwest?

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How Did They Determine This?

I was talking with a co-worker about this story and could not believe some of the artists that are considered the "highest grossing" in each state.

Tennessee's highest grossing artist from the state is Tina Turner.

We were both shocked that Dolly Parton didn't take this spot.

According to Paste Magazine, this ranking was determined based off of information from the Recording Industry Association of America, specifically in terms of units sold per artist.

The top highest grossing artists overall are as follows:

1. The Beatles

2. Garth Brooks

3. Elvis Presley

4. Eagles

5. Led Zeppelin

Who Is the Highest Grossing Artist from Wisconsin?

So, the highest grossing artist of all time from Wisconsin is...Steve Miller.

Miller is the lead singer and guitarist for the Steve Miller Band. The group was formed in the 1960s in San Fransisco, California.

Steve was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents were close friends of Les Paul and Mary Ford, two legendary musicians in their own right.

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