Aren't you happy that autocorrect is a thing?

Everyone has that ONE word that is their kryptonite.

The single word that you either struggle to spell or just refuse to ever type or write because you know you'll misspell it.

Well, it turns out, no matter what word you always manage to misspell it won't be nearly as embarrassing as Wisconsin's most misspelled word.

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Google took a look at the top words that Americans struggle with, and figured out what word was the biggest challenge for people in each state.

It was based off of the top "how to spell" searches online.

Some of the Most Ridiculous

There are a few words on this list and map that I could understand needing to search up online to confirm the proper spelling. New York's most popular misspelled word is "aesthetic."

However, a few of these states have pretty basic words that they cannot spell. After hearing a few, you will be shaking your head like I did when I first came across this.

Most Misspelled Words in Various States

California ~ pretty

Nevada ~ Internet

Pennsylvania ~ mountain

Minnesota ~ clothes

Iowa ~ grandma

Florida ~ language

What Word Do People In Wisconsin Struggle to Spell?


Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google


It's such a teeny tiny word, that it's hard to imagine anyone misspelling it, right?

If you take a moment to think about it though, it kind of makes sense. I bet there have been times when you are typing very quickly, and you miss a letter or two in a very simple word.

Or maybe you've been staring at your screen all day and you just can't remember if the word "ally" has an "e" in it or not.

The official definition of ally, according to Merriam Webster is,

" unite or form a connection or relation between" or "one that is associated with another as a helper a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle."

No, this is not an ALLEY!

Maybe that's the reason it's misspelled so often; people are just confused as to whether they should be using "ally" or "alley!"

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