Just a little kindness can go a long way. Sometimes, it'll take you all the way to 'The Kelly Clarkson Show.'

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Brandy Macumber and Tamara Bane of Winterset have been hitting the road on their BFF road trips for the past four years. These Iowa moms have traveled all over the Midwest with each other on mini adventures. They post videos and photos on their travel Facebook page You Can't Be Serious.

As reported by KCCI, these trips took on a whole new meaning this year.

During their trips this year, the duo started leaving VERY generous tips when they went out to eat. It became a sort of kindness challenge for them on their road trips. They put their Venmo handle @youcantbeserious on the back of their vehicle hoping to get some extra help for this endeavor.

It quickly blew up and caught national attention!

Kelly Clarkson invited the two moms onto her show two weeks ago for her segment 'What I'm Liking" where she shares positive stories from social media. The Winterset residents shared their journey and their progress with this project on the show.

One particular story they shared involved an aspiring teacher who they gifted nearly a thousand dollars to while they were traveling. Clarkson seemed particularly moved by these ladies and their acts of kindness.

"I know! I've seen the video and still cry every time," the Grammy winner said. "because you just don't know, you know where they are in their lives and it can be really helpful and it can turn things around."

You can watch the ladies' full segment on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' down below!

The most recent act of kindness that these ladies were able to pull off took place right in the Hawkeye State. This waitress' name is Audrey and she is currently a junior in high school. Her goal is to become medical student at the University of Iowa. Macumber and Bane left $610 as a tip for the young woman.

You can watch their latest video and Audrey's sweet reaction down below!

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