The Cedar Rapids native has become a fan favorite on the latest season of the Emmy Award winning television show.

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Last year, news dropped that Elijah Wood would be joining the cast of Showtime's 'Yellowjackets' for season 2. Wood grew up in Cedar Rapids before making it big and getting cast as Frodo in 'The Lord of the Rings' films.

His family even owned and operated a deli in the lower level of the Lindale Mall.

You can read up about this here.

This show follows the story of a girl's high school soccer team that has their airplane crash in the Canadian wilderness. They are left stranded for nearly two years out there and have to resort to cannibalism to survive.

It's definitely not the type of show to watch while eating your delicious steak dinner...

The show follows the characters in two different timelines: 1996 and present day. Wood joined the cast as a reoccurring character named Walter Tattersal who helps the teammates in the present. He's a citizen detective and a billionaire who has a deep invested interest in Christina Ricci's character Misty Quigley.


Wood's character assisted Misty in investigating the disappearance of Natalie (played by Juliette Lewis). They ultimately develop a strange and somewhat sweet relationship. He helps her and her former teammates avoid being caught for murder in the season finale.

Luckily, he survives the season two finale (I for sure thought he would be a goner) and appears to begin a relationship with Misty. Other fan favorite characters were not so lucky to make it out alive this season.

Wood has not confirmed that he'll be back next season, but from the fact that his character is actually alive and since he has a few loose ends to tie up, I'm predicting it won't be too long until we hear the official announcement.

So, now that we know that Walter survived, that means there is a good chance that we might see Elijah Wood back on the show next season. 'Yellowjackets' was already renewed for a third season in December of last year, which was ages before the second season even aired.

Wood's character is likely to return for the next season, but no one knows WHEN it will be back on our television screens. Due to the writer's strike, the creators will not be able to get writing on any scripts until it concludes thus delaying casting, production, and so on.

However, the writers of 'Yellowjackets' have confirmed that they've mapped out season three before the strike began. So, it may be a while until we see Elijah Wood again.

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