You've heard all of the stories that come with having a baby. You never get to sleep, diaper changes seem to be endless, constant checkups, and you're on call 24/7. There's no such thing as a break when you have a newborn. Iowan parents have run into another new challenge that comes with a baby, there's a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

Unsplash - Fe Ngo
Unsplash - Fe Ngo

Co-Founder and CEO of Bobbie (baby formula company) Laura Modi told CNN

“It’s not just a problem. It’s a crisis, and it’s a crisis that’s only getting worse.”

Certain popular brands have been recalled as well as the continued supply chain issues have been a big part of the problem. These Iowa parents have a right to be worried. Shannon Jacobs told KCRG

"It's scary, there's just, you panic."

Ashley Coughlin is the mother of 9-month-old twins and she told KCRG

“It is really stressful.”

Iowa Senator, Chuck Grassley has taken action. He's sent a letter to the FDA this week asking the agency what it is doing to boost production of all formula brands, according to KCRG. Representative Ashley Hinson has also sent a letter to the FDA. She told KCRG that "parents should never be in a position of not knowing where to get their baby’s food."

The FDA is meeting with manufacturers to find a way to increase production. This may have some effects going forward as stores may be limited on how much formula someone could buy at one time.

What Should You Do?

If you're a family dealing with the shortage of baby formula there are some things you can and can't do moving forward until production is increased. According to CNN

Don't - Make formula at home

Formulas are full of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals which you cant buy at a grocery store.

Don't - Stretch out your formula supply.

Formula is a major source of nutrition for babies and if you add extra water you're messing with the nutrient profile. This can lead to health issues.

Do - If necessary switch formula brands.

This could take your baby a couple of days to get used to but switching is normally just fine. You'll want to talk to your pediatrician first. Normally the only issue switching is if your child has some type of allergy.

If Possible - Restart Breast Milk Supply

You can restart your breast milk supply but this can be complicated. You may need to see a lactation specialist. If this isn't a route you want to go, there are banks where you can buy breast milk, donated by other families. You can visit Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa, which is located in Coralville.

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