Surgery is scary for anybody, whether you are an adult or a kid, as you going in for risky procedures that you may not come out of. But for kids, it is even more scary. Imagine not knowing/understanding exactly why you have to get surgery, being around complete strangers, and hearing them say they have to "open you up" at an extremely young age.. pretty scary right? Well, one hospital has found a way to help kids feel a little more comfortable when going into surgery.

Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California has found a new and inventive way to relieve tiny patient's fears when going into surgery. It all started when a nurse decided to start researching ways to help her young patients cope with surgery. Upon research, she found that toy cars were actually surprisingly successful.


So, last year the hospital bought a black Mercedes toy car and started giving the patients a choice to drive it into surgery and it worked! Doctors say kids faces light up as their fears melt away because they get to drive a cool car in and even parents feel better about sending them in. The hospital recently got donated a pink Volkswagen Beetle so now patients have a choice of which one to drive. Also, if some patients are unable to drive the mini cars, parents can control it by remote.

What a cool idea!



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