What better gift to get your dad for his birthday than to have a bunch of random people wish him happy birthday? Well, at least that is what two brothers in Atlantic City thought when they posted their dad's cell phone number on a billboard to have people wish him a "Happy Birthday!"

Go big or go home, right? This is what 61 year old Chris Ferry's sons thought when they were trying to come up with a grand birthday gift for their dad's birthday which is this coming Saturday. So, they came up with the epic idea to secretly buy ad space on a billboard in Atlantic City and  put a photo of him on it, along with his number and a message that said, "Wish My Dad Happy Birthday . . . Love, Your Sons."

It worked! Chris says he has been getting hundreds of birthday wish texts, calls, and voicemails daily! Of course, he found the humor in the prank from his sons but that doesn't stop people from all over the world blowing up his phone with messages. In fact, one of the sons has 150,000 social media followers and he has been getting calls from all of them as well!

Let's make this a birthday to remember and since it is not until this Saturday,you've got time to wish him a happy birthday!  His number is 1-561-307-4879.

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