Occam's razor: The simplest solution is most likely the right one. Well, this can be proven when over the weekend over 2,000 people won the lottery jackpot by putting in minimal effort.... I wonder if they went by this principal?

On Saturday in North Carolina, over 2,000 people played the numbers "0-0-0-0" and hit the lottery jackpot! To be exact, 2,014 people played those numbers and half of those people bought one dollar tickets which means they got a $5,000 payout (not bad for spending a dollar, right?). The other half of the people bought 50 cent tickets and won $2,500.

So what are the odds of this happening? Well, the odds of matching all four numbers in the "Carolina Pick 4" game are 1 in 10,000 and apparently all zero combinations are the more popular sets that people play. The total payout this past weekend was $7.8 million which is the largest in the game's history.

My question is....why didn't anyone let us in on this little secret so we could enjoy the winnings?!


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