It was reported earlier this week that this historic and well-known Waterloo building is up for sale. If you're interested in purchasing this building, you'll have less than a week to put in an offer. I want to know, if you have this amount of money laying around and want to throw your name in the ring to buy the building, what would you do with it?

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The building is up for grabs and if you want it but you'll have to be able to outbid $1.5 million and you'll have to have your bid in by noon, next Thursday (March-9), according to KWWL. I wonder if they would take the bid of 1.5 million dollars and 1 cent. If you have that laying around, let me know so we can be best friends.

If you had the money to blow, are you changing the building in any way? The 199,074-square-foot building has been the home of many offices, restaurants, apartments, and even some of your favorite Iowa radio stations. If you could take the entire building and do something with it, what would you do?

I'd want to turn it into something fun like a go-cart track, paintball course, or trampoline park. I'd like it to become a place people can go to have fun and want to go back and visit. I also know absolutely nothing about running a business, so I'd probably go broke but at least I could have fun doing it.

KWWL reports the building has been through a $4 million dollar renovation project to add apartments and restaurants in the previous years. I rip those out of there and start speeding around on an indoor go-kart track, trying to set the course record or doing backflips into a trampoline foam pit.

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