You can always count on a friend to help lift you spirits when you're feeling blue. Be green with envy.

Despite feeling a little down this morning (Thursday), I still tried to have some fun and help people start their day off with a smile. Today I found a unique moment in history that I shared on one of the Facebook profiles I maintain.

RANDOM THOUGHT #495: On this date in 1979, the Chia Pet was introduced, and it's still going strong. Chia Obama, Chia Trump, Even Chia Sponge Bob. I think that's how I want to be memorialized. If that happens, I'll know that I finally 'made it'." - Bucky Doren via Facebook

A life-long friend (since third grade) took it upon himself to help let me know that, at least in his book, I had 'made it'.

(Bucky Doren via Facebook)
(Bucky Doren via Facebook)

Thanks to Wes Ware for helping me smile on a day that I found it hard to do so, and thanks for helping me restore my dignity... I think. LoL.

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