Situations like this one sincerely make me question my faith in basic human decency.

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I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable person. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control.

BUT...if you are fully capable of preventing something dangerous from happening and your own idiocy prevents you from doing something about it, then I really have no sympathy.

This entire situation started on Sunday, May 28th at around dinner time. My mom is visiting from Pennsylvania for a week and a half, and we decided we wanted to go out for dinner in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

We parked my car and headed out to find something to eat.

The incident occurred as we were crossing the street at the intersection of 2nd Street SE and 3rd Avenue SE


My mom and I followed all of the safety rules that you're taught at five years old when crossing the street; stop, look both ways for oncoming traffic, and cross. We had looked both ways and saw a vehicle coming.

The intersection we were crossing at was adjacent to a stop sign that should have signaled to any cars that they needed to stop for pedestrians. At least any cars that had some sort of decency and respect for other people.

I confidently started to step out onto the crosswalk, and then I notice that this car was not slowing down at all.

Maybe they were going to slam on the brakes at the last minute?

At this point, I stepped back and grabbed my mom to hold both of us back from walking forward. This car just glided through the stop sign, rolled down the window and waved at us.

And then what she said made my blood boil...

"I'm sorry! I didn't see you!"

You didn't see the two people you almost ran over?

You didn't SEE us even though you rolled down the window to "apologize" for running the stop sign?

And you didn't see ME dressed in bright yellow from head to toe?


I would have had some sympathy if it was late at night or if we weren't being careful when crossing the street. However, it was BROAD daylight and traffic was basically nonexistent!

It wouldn't hurt you to take maybe thirty seconds to stop for the people trying to cross the street, right?

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