In October Casey’s General Stores announced that they would have a new logo and look for the store. This was the first time they had changed their logo and look in their 52 year history.

Casey's is also changing their slogan to “Here For Good”. In the press release, Casey's officials say there are new experiences and services for guests that are coming, including a loyalty program, digital expansion and curbside pickup.

You have most likely seen your local Casey's getting a face lift recently, and if you haven't then you may be soon. By this time most every Casey's has seen a new renovation, and a large majority is no longer offering free air.

If your general store looks like this, then it is most likely going to see a change soon. Casey's is getting rid of that block look.


Reactions to the new look have been mixed. Many already miss the nostalgic brick looking design of the old Casey's stores. Some love the new sleek design of our new Casey's stores.

Personally, I have no major problem with the new design. My biggest upset was that I now have to pay for air. BUT while the new air pumps cost money, they do look very futuristic, and work great... They do coast a bit much though in my opinion.

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What do you think of the new look? Are you a fan or do you miss the old "classic: Casey's look.

source: Jake Truemper
source: Jake Truemper

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