It's been a winter, no? Snowiest February ever. Well below average temperatures. Blizzards, winter storm warnings... and that was just LAST WEEK!

So, for me to tell you, 'hey, we're knocking on the door of a major accomplishment here.' Would you say we should root for it to happen, or pray that is does not? That accomplishment, if that's the right word to use here, is knowing we survived the snowiest winter in Waterloo history. You see, we're almost there. As CBS2 meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman points out, we're just two and a half inches shy of the record. So should it be, rah rah Mother Nature, you can do this! Or, bite me. Gimme spring NOW? Come on... doesn't part of you kiiiinda want to break the record? You can complain about it to your children and your children's children!

The record was set back during the winter of 1961-62. If we beat it, we'll likely have over 60 inches of snow in one winter. Most all of it falling after New Years Day 2019. THAT is impressive. And scary. very scary... Be safe out there!

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