There's going to be a new addition to the food and drink scene in Waverly this fall. For those of you who love beer (just like me) this is good news for you!

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A new brewery is opening in downtown Waverly very soon. The Bremer Brewing Company will be the newest business addition to the area when the doors open for business. After reaching out to the owners of this new spot in Bremer County, they admitted that there is no set grand opening date yet.

Though eager new costumers won't have to wait too long to get a glimpse of the brewery. The owners expect to have their official grand opening sometime this fall.

Once they get into the groove of things, the official hours for the Bremer Brewing Company will be as follows:

Thursday: 4-10 PM

Friday: 4-10 PM

Saturday: 12-10 PM

Sunday: 12-4 PM


This Waverly brewer will serve beers brewed right on sight. The owners Jade and Jaimes Heine said that they have plans to add food onto the menu within the first few weeks of opening. Pretzels and flatbreads will be the first few food items that will be served.

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

The new addition to Waverly is located at 102 & 104 W Bremer Avenue. There will be an event space in the upstairs part of the brewery available for corporate events, and a patio that will be used weather depending.

For more information about the new business and the specific grand opening date, make sure to check out the brewery's website and Facebook page.

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