If you haven't heard of "No Shave November" well let me clue you in on it. This is the time of year that mean and women participate in... you guessed it, not shaving! More often than not it's usually just men growing out their facial hair but some women choose to do it for not shaving our legs because we are wearing pants all the time (it's not weird). Why you may ask do people do this? Well for a lot of reasons such as to see how long they can grow their hair, for charity and more often than not just to be lazy. However for the Waterloo Police Department, they are joining in on this for a very special reason.

According to KWWL, the Waterloo Police Department will be growing out their beards and mustaches in honor of "No Shave November." However it's not just to do it to do it but rather for a good cause. The growing out of the facial hair helps show support of the Waterloo Police Foundation's Cops and Kids program which helps the police officers form a positive relationship with kids in the community. In fact, this program is their oldest and probably most successful one they have. Not only do they make meaningful relationships with kids in the area but the program also helps bring awareness and donations to those battling cancer.

So be on the lookout this winter for cops with facial hair and ask them what the program means to them this winter!

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