Just how much more are we talking?

Needing some more holiday decorations for my home, I went to Target in Waterloo and on the right side of the building, I read their sign which made me come to a complete stop. I got a small (and albeit immature) chuckle as the neon went out on part of the sign that reads, "Expect more. Payless."

The neon had burnt out the "ayless" which makes the sign read:

Townsquare Media via Neuman
Townsquare Media via Neuman

So the first thing I thought of was, "just how much more are we talking?"

There are many neon-sign fails. (It's one of the reasons we love the internet.) It made me want to see more neon-sign fails and our friends at BuzzFeed have come through in grand style. To see a whole lot more neon-sign fails (some might be considered NSFW...) CLICK HERE.

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