Most people prefer to wake up to an alarm clock. An Illinois woman unfortunately began her day hearing a huge crash in her backyard where an out-of-control driver flew through her fence and completely annihilated her pool and trampoline.

The video share on YouTube gave some backstory about what went down a few weekends ago near South Holland, Illinois:

On Memorial Day 2021, Ariel Tucker was at home in South Holland, Illinois, US, when she was woken by a loud crash in the early morning. A motorist appeared to lose control of their vehicle and smashed through Ariel’s fence, ploughing into her pool and trampoline.

If you're not familiar with South Holland, it's a suburb of Chicago. The amazing thing is that no one was hurt in this crash. The woman who owned the home was untouched in her house. The person driving the car wasn't hurt either. As for the trampoline and pool, well that's yet another story.

You can see a kid's playhouse in the backyard that this car flew through. Be thankful that this happened at a time when no one was anywhere in this area. Could have been tragedy. As it stands, it's just gonna be a difficult explanation to an insurance adjuster about how the fence got blown sky high and why the pool and trampoline are now flat.

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