That's gonna leave a mark. A recent video share shows a truck that was traveling through Davenport realize too late that it's a little too tall for a bridge there.

According to the video description, this happened April 22 in Davenport. The driver who captured the video could sense that this wasn't going to end well. A semi-tractor trailer was nearly a railroad bridge there. The height of clearance for the bridge is 11' 8". How tall was the truck? Answer: taller than that.

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Fortunately, there do not appear to have been any serious injuries in the mishap.

As you might imagine, the comedians have been out in force on YouTube to provide commentary. Here are some highlights:

Fluffy toaster named Dubstep - Truck: "Just a trim"
Bridge: "Gotcha!"

Michael Crumb - They should probably paint that overpass yellow with black stripes and show the height.
...That way people know. 😳

I cast no stones. Many years ago, I ran into a hotel overhead with a Uhaul. It happens all the time. It's just not often you get to see the moment it happens on video, but thanks to cameras on pretty much every phone these days, you did.

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