We have several haunted houses here in Eastern Iowa that start welcoming customers around Halloween each year, but there's only ONE that plans to reopen for Valentine's Day in 2024! The 5th Realm in Cedar Rapids will soon be transformed into... BLOODLUST.

For two days only, vampires will take over The 5th Realm at Lindale Mall for an interactive haunted attraction. The website reads:

"Long ago, famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing imprisoned the Master, Vlad Draculea in the 5th Realm. His faithful servant, the lunatic Renfield, learned the ancient spell that banished Vlad and has released him into the asylum.  

Combining even more interactivity than our main Halloween show, BLOODLUST puts you right into the action! As you work your way through the asylum walls, be careful not to awaken the sleeping vampires within. You will have to learn the incantation, find the Master's nest, and banish him back to the 5th Realm. And remember, DON'T GET BIT!"

BLOODLUST will be open February 9th and 10th. The venue has yet to reveal times and ticketing details, but a comment from The 5th Realm says that more information is coming soon. You can get the latest updates by following the business' Facebook page HERE.

This actually isn't the first time that The 5th Realm has opened for a holiday other than Halloween! Last Christmas, the haunted attraction hosted Krampus encounters for folks looking for a "bone-chilling haunted holiday experience." It appeared to be a success! We will have to wait and see if the Valentine's Day experience can beat it.

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