Uber is helping people get out and vote.

Uber has partnered with a the nonprofit group "When We All Vote" to help people register and vote. Last week, Uber began sharing registration tools through their app so people knew where, when, and how to register to vote.

On November 6th, Uber users will be able to go on their phones to locate their local polling place and then book an Uber ride right there to vote.

Uber has 900,000 drivers in the US at last count, and this push is to give those who need a ride to vote the availability. Lack of transportation is main barrier to voting for millions of Americans.

Uber's rival company Lyft said that they would be offering rides for 50% less on election day. So Uber is upping the ante by giving free rides to low-income, high-needs areas.

Uber launched in the Cedar Valley March 31st, 2017.

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