There have been a lot more tornadoes than usual this year and some blame that on climate change or just bizarre weather, but one person believes that there is another reason behind why more tornadoes are happening.... and it's bizarre.

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, the ABC affiliate has a TV segment during their news where people can call in and give their opinions and then everyone can hear these opinions on air. Sometimes they get some weird calls as you can imagine and this recently happened when talking about tornadoes.

Last week, one caller called in and had a theory on why we are seeing more tornadoes. Their theory was that in Scranton, they city has been putting in a lot more traffic circles and because of this people are driving around in circles more which causes a disturbance in the atmosphere and causing tornadoes....

Obviously, someone missed science class since last time I checked driving in circles does not have a strong enough force to cause tornadoes. Let's just chalk this one up to common sense not being common.

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