If you were around 53 years ago, this day is one that you may remember and probably would like to forget. It was this day in 1968 that one of the worst tornado outbreaks in Iowa history devastated the state.

It was May 15, 1968 when a storm system moved through Iowa and dropped multiple twisters including 2 F5 tornadoes that nearly leveled parts of Charles City. The NWS in Des Moines shared this memory today on their Facebook page.

350 homes in Charles City destroyed and 15 lives lost in total during the outbreak that day. Video reminds us of the unbelievable scenes the tornado left behind.

How ironic that this memory comes up today after we shared that so far in 2021 there have been no tornado warnings in Iowa.

Do you or your family remember May 15, 1968? If you have pics or memories, share them with us through our app as we remember the day that many would like to forget.

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