In Iowa, we must have our priorities. A trending video is a great example. The internet is in disbelief that an Iowa TV station cut away from a golf tournament for tornado coverage.

It's not news to us that Iowa had tornadoes on Father's Day. As we shared, there was tornado damage reported in Pella and funnel clouds spotted near Ft. Madison. Like many radio and TV stations, WHO 13 broke into regularly-scheduled programming to provide updates to the ongoing storms. This update came at a very funny the winning putt attempt was happening at the US Open. Watch the timing and you'll understand.

The fact that tornado coverage happened right at the exact moment that the winning putt was going down is the reason why this video is trending all over Twitter, Digg and other places.

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Since my wife is a meteorologist, it's probably not surprising that I think it's appropriate to interrupt whatever is on for a tornado warning. Sorry golf fans, but I'll defer to public safety over a golf tournament result any time any day. Back to that priorities thing.

If you were ticked that the US Open was cut off by storms, you'll be glad to know that CBS Sports confirmed that Jon Rahm did win.

Could the timing have been better? Sure. Would I care who won the golf tournament if a tornado is dropping on top of my house. Nope.

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