If you want to find and keep love, you might want to work on your driving if a new survey is accurate. It claims that most Americans would not date someone they consider to be a bad driver.

Full disclosure: I had to take my driver's test twice. It also took me a long time to find true love. Those two facts may be connected if a survey shared by Study Finds is correct. It claims that a staggering 56% of respondents would NOT date someone who drives poorly.

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The study reveals some interesting statistics about driving and dating and how the two might be connected:

  • 18% have ended a relationship because of someone's driving
  • 46% say that someone who follows the rules of the road are more trustworthy
  • 61% say they would never get in a vehicle again with someone who speeds

The claim is that driving habits and personality are connected. If you're reckless with your driving, many believe that translates into you being reckless (or should it be "wreck-less"?) with your love life.

Good news for you if you're a mechanic. 71% would choose to not ride (or date apparently) someone who has a "check engine" light on for a prolonged period of time.

There appears to be some hypocrisy present with the people who refuse to date someone who drives recklessly. 1 in 3 of them consider the speed limit to be merely a suggestion. I'm looking at you I-380 drivers. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

If this is right, your bad driving could break your heart.

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