Winter and Iowa? Yeah...those two words are one in the same. Iowa has seen some record breaking snow falls over the past few months. There is even a possible snow squall expected to come our way later in the week.

While Iowans are used to their cold and snow filled winters, this year might actually be a bit different. According to the Farmer's Almanac, winter 2021 might be less cold than years past. Iowa and the majority of the Midwest are expected to be less cold and less wet. We still have a few months to see if this forecast is going to hold up. In the meantime at least we have these hilarious Tik Toks to keep us warm this winter!


Will you get to experience this wonderful feeling when you try to fill up your car after it freezes the night before. Let's hope not to see -20 degree weather this year!

Is this Iowan transportation? Let me taboggan myself to work tomorrow.

But do you hate winter as much as this guy?

But in the end we all know that this is really how Iowans are during the winter; just super nice about almost everything, and always willing to shovel your driveway.

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