So, I recently went to the Dan & Shay concert this past weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it was AMAZING! I had so much fun singing along, dancing and just hearing live music. However, there were some things that really annoyed me that I think needs to be addressed.

I would consider myself an avid concert-goer and I am sure most will agree that a concert could be ruined by other people due to some things they do that just really aren't part of great concert etiquette. I mean it is supposed to be an experience we all get to enjoy!

So, the next time you go to a concert, remember this concert etiquette to ensure everyone has a good time!

1. Get off your phone!!!! I am the first to say that yes I do post videos or photos on social media during the concert but not the ENTIRE concert! You are supposed to be living in the moment not trying to record the entire concert. It's rude to others around you who have to look at the concert with your phone away and it's rude to the artists who are trying to put on a great LIVE show. Honestly, why pay hundreds of dollars to go to a concert just to watch it through your phone?

2. Speaking of using phones, if you are going to take a few pics or videos, be aware of the flash! We are all already blinded by stage lights and don't need your light on your phone on the entire time blinding us as well!

3. If you haven't lost your voice by the end of the night and the next day, then are you even a real concerter? (yes, I am making that a word). I mean, even if you can't sing, no one cares!

4. Speaking of singing, even if you don't know the words or the song, don't be that guy that everyone can point out in a crowd because you are standing still. It's really awkward and everyone can tell you aren't having a good time.

5. Finally, DON'T LEAVE BEFORE THE ENCORE! The "last" song is never the "last" song! There is always an encore and for those of you that leave before this, you really miss out on the best part.

Bonus: Specifically for country concerts- If you didn't wear your cowboy boots or plaid, did you even go to a country concert? Are you even country? Dress for the setting!

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