That's right, I tried the new Hurts Donuts that opened in Cedar Falls yesterday and let me just tell you..... IT WAS AMAZING! Look, let me break it down for you.

Hurts Donuts has so many choices that I really did not know what to pick. And no, I am not talking about the normal types like glazed, chocolate covered or sprinkles... oh no, I am talking things like the cookie monster, the Flintstones, blueberry, mint, oreo, etc. Think of the wildest creations you could make on a donut and you found the right place. I tried the cookie monster donut and it was to die for! It also turned my teeth, tongue and hands blue so don't take any pictures while eating this one.

What's even better than the donuts is the fact that Hurts Donuts is open in Cedar Falls 25 hours and 8 days a week! Not sure where the extra hour comes from but that just means you can get donuts whenever you want... it also means I am going to have to go to the gym more in order to be able to eat more donuts all day.

They are located at 100 East 2nd St Suite 108 and if you don't believe me about all the different donuts they have just check out their website.

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