Is that the Ghost of Christmas Past? Perhaps we need a couple ghosts to pay us a visit here in Iowa, because according to a new study put out by CenturyLink, Iowa doesn't have tons of Christmas spirit. Humbug!

An annual study ranks all 50 states plus D.C. based on good ol' Christmas spirit. The metrics factor in Christmas-ee things like Google searches for holiday movies, how much Christmas music we stream, Christmas tree farms per capita and how many folks have already tweeted about the holidays.

So where do we rank out of 51? Iowa is 29th ranked overall. In other words, we aren't too full of jolly Christmas joy. Coming it at #1 is Utah. Iowa border buddies Nebraska and Wisconsin both finished in the top 5. While the states with the least Christmas spirit overall were Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Delaware, California, Arizona, Texas and New York.

I guess since we're 29th, I'd be careful reaching into that stocking Christmas morning. It very well could be filled with coal. You've been warned!

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