It really is annoying.

One of the greatest updates that Twitter had was when they gave users the option to turn off retweets from other people. There are a lot of comedy-esk Twitter accounts that would retweet tweets from their sister account and it just got really annoying. Or there is that friend that thinks every tweet is amazing and they will retweet everything they see so their Twitter feed becomes your feed.

So all you had to do was go to their account and turn off retweets and you wouldn't have to see that ever again. But for some reason, Twitter hasn't done that with Likes. My whole Twitter feed is muddled all up seeing Tweets that people have liked. I have one friend that likes all these really depressing tweets that are always about relationships. They really are awful.

I know the argument is, "don't read them." But it's 2019, I shouldn't have to. It just doesn't make sense that we can turn off a person's retweets but can't turn off their likes. "We can rebuild him. We have the technology."

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