One of Iowa's biggest stars, as well as one of the most popular collegiate athletes in the country, was able to participate in a pretty special tradition this past weekend. Caitlin Clark got to throw out the first pitch at the Iowa Cubs game on Saturday (June-3).

This Hawkeye hooper took the nation by storm with her incredible play on the basketball court this past season. She received high praise from one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, she was complimented by one of the best professional wrestlers of all time, and she completed the sweep of winning every single national Player of the Year award, for her year last year.

She is Iowa's own Hawkeye Hero and fans made sure to let her know how much the state of Iowa loves her. This line of fans who showed up to meet and greet Caitlin is absolutely nuts. There were people who showed up at Principal Park, at 6 AM, to get an early spot in line.

KCCI Sports Director, Scott Reister, was on hand to capture a line of thousands.


Caitlin wanted to make sure everyone knows how happy she is to be playing for Iowa and she's excited about next year. She told Who13,

I’m just grateful that I’m from here. I did this after my freshman year and now seeing the crowd after my junior season, it’s cool to see how much it’s evolved and grown. I think this shows how excited people are about our team and how much fun they had watching our team. I think next year is going to be really incredible, I’m already ready to get back to Iowa City and start working out again.

Sadly, the line was so long that there were many people who didn't get the chance to talk to Caitlin. The meet and greet lasted 90 minutes and then Caitlin was scheduled to throw out the first pitch.



After leaving the mound, she went back to the autograph line to extend her time for another 30 minutes. I think it'd be safe to say that it would be hard to find someone in Iowa, who is more loved right now, than Caitlin Clark.

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