When it comes to the offensive side of the ball, things have been pretty dreadful for the Hawkeyes so far this season. Some fans are blaming the quarterback, some fans blame the offensive coordinator, and some fans are blaming the head coach.

Sometimes fans blow things out of proportion and the sky is falling when their favorite team doesn't win games how they want them to. Not every game can be a 49-0 blowout and sometimes you have to win close, ugly games. I wanted to find out if fans were blowing things out of proportion and find out how just how rough it's been for the offensive side of the ball this season. I hate to say it... but it's pretty bad. Worse than I expected.

These schools have scored more touchdowns than the Hawkeyes this season.

According to Big Game Boomer, every D1 team in the entire country has scored more touchdowns so far this season. That's close but not exactly correct. According to NCAA, Iowa is actually tied for dead last with 2 other teams.

Colorado St, Massachusetts, and Iowa have all scored a total of 9 touchdowns so far this season, with only 7 coming from the offense. The defense has helped Iowa to not be ranked dead last in scoring. Yikes.

To be fair, Massachusetts has played 7 games so far this year, compared to Iowa's 6, so with 1 more game being played than Iowa, you could argue Massachusetts has scored the least amount of touchdowns so far this season. Either way...football is a game where the team who scores the most, wins. It's pretty tough to win games when you have a total of 9 touchdowns in 6 games.

To put this in perspective, there are 23 college football players who have scored more touchdowns by themselves so far this year, than this Hawkeye football team. To make matters even worse, the Hawkeyes have the 7th best total defense in the country, according to NCAA. With even a sub-par offense, you would figure the Hawkeyes would be in better shape so far this year than they are right now, as they sit at 3-3.

The Hawkeyes have a tough matchup this Saturday as they take on the second-best team in the country, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Hopefully, this offense can get something figured out by 11 a.m on Saturday.

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