Sometimes it's good to be bad...

Losing weight is always the most popular New Year's resolution. Here are some ways to do it while embracing some of those 'BAD' habits:

  • Drink wine. There's an antioxidant in the grapes called ellagic acid that's been shown to boost your metabolism and slow down the growth of fat cells.  And WHITE wine is better than red.  But one glass has about 125 calories, so don't drink too much.
  • Eat chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. Researchers at U.C. San Diego found that people who ate chocolate regularly tended to be thinner, even if they consumed more calories on a daily basis.
  • Have sex. You only burn 3 to 4 calories a minute. But it also makes your body produce the hormone Oxytocin, which can prevent you from gaining weight by reducing stress. Also, some studies have found it also helps suppress your appetite.
  • Using butter, not margarine. It seems like they go back and forth on this, but recent studies have found butter is better if you're trying to lose weight, because of the fatty acids in it.  And also because margarine has trans fat.
  • Sleeping in. When you don't get enough sleep, you're more likely to binge eat. And a recent study found teenagers who lost just one hour of sleep ate an average of 200 extra calories a day.  Which is enough to make you gain two pounds a month.

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