We didn’t have to wait too long to find out what business would be moving into one prized Main Street Cedar Falls location.

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Earlier this week, news broke that a longtime Downtown store would be closing its doors for good this fall.

The owners of Miss Wonderful, a vintage shop located right in the heart of Cedar Falls, announced that come September they would be saying goodbye to their loyal customers.

For nearly 11 years, Ann Eastman, one of the business’s owners, has been connecting with the local community through her store. 

“It has been my absolute joy and dream to be here and do what I do. I got to come to work and play with color, vintage treasures, playful new products AND be with all my wonderful customers. I've always said that I have the best of them,” Eastman said in a social media post.

She confirmed that Miss Wonderful will be open until mid to late September. Around that time, a new business will be taking over the shop.

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A few doors down from the shop currently run by the Miss Wonderful team is the Cob Mercantile. It’s a fun, little indoor market style shop with different businesses selling their products. 

One of those businesses is a little book nook called The Nook.

This is a mini bookshop full of popular adult & young adult books. I've popped in a time or two to check it out myself and always end up finding something to read.

The owners of this business are Abby Olson and Brandon Conrad who just got married this summer. Now, in the fall they will be embarking on a whole new adventure together...expanding and moving their business into their very own storefront.

The Nook will be moving into Miss Wonderful's spot at 216 Main Street in Cedar Falls.

Eastman was the first person to give this young couple a chance to start up their business on Main Street.

"Ann helped our business take a huge step and now she’s helped us take an even bigger one," the bookstore owners said on social media.

While it's a bit of a bittersweet ending for Miss Wonderful, it looks like the owner is excited to see what The Nook can grow into.

“I'm so thrilled that The Nook will be inhabiting this space! Abby and Brandon are hardworking, creative entrepreneurs with a desire to see downtown thrive. A bookstore is just what we need!” 

The owners say they plan to open up the store by November.

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