It's the weirdest challenge yet to go viral on the internet. So the vacuum challenge... what is it? Well, here is how you do it. Apparently, you need a plastic trash bag, a vacuum and a hose attachment. Next, you step in to the trash bag and sit in it... please make sure it is not a used trash bag... and then you tie off the bag around your body so no air can escape.

Okay, this is getting a little weird but it gets weirder! Now you put the hose inside the bag and turn on the vacuum to vacuum out all the trapped air! Once the bag shrinks and it looks like you are wearing a skintight leather suit... you have accomplished the challenge!

Yeah, this one is a weird one, but at least no one can be injured doing this... I think. I honestly can't say I wouldn't try this because I have a feeling it was two teenagers who came up with this while bored at two in the morning because that is when all the "best" ideas occur.

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