A Daily Mirror poll of 2,000 people found 46% of us wish we could just pick out our own Christmas gifts, so we'd get stuff we actually want.

The survey also asked people about stuff they've regifted, returned or just flat out tossed in the trash, and WHY they did it. Here are the top ten reasons.

1.  I just didn't like the gift.

2.  I couldn't use it in time.  So that applies to things like gift cards and Groupons.

3.  I already owned one.

4.  I liked the gift, but thought someone else would like it more.

5.  I got too many of them.  Like if you end up with five boxes of chocolate.

6.  I regifted to save money on someone else's gift.

7.  It didn't fit.  So that one's mostly about clothing.

8.  I used it as an emergency gift after I forgot to get someone a present.

9.  I didn't have space for it.

10.  I got rid of it out of SPITE, because I didn't like the person who gave it to me

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