You know the show "Masked Singer" right? You know the reality competition show that has celebrities dress up in outrageous costumes like unicorns or tacos and then they mask their voice and perform a song for the crow. Throughout the weeks, the celebrity judges have to "unmask" the celebrities by using vague clues about their background.

Well now it's your turn to "unmask" these singers when they go on tour!

The "Masked Singer" Tour will head to Des Moines at the Civic Center on June 4th! The show will include two celebrity guest hosts and one local celebrity kept in disguise. The tour will not include the celebrity judges on the show because the audience will be the judges as this is an interactive experience.

The "Masked Singer" Tour will travel across the U.S. to 45 stops with amazing performances and a show for all ages. So start setting up those summer plans and  find out more information about tickets at